Uralshina LLC produces massive tires for guide wheels, support and bearing rollers of all types of Russian armored tracked vehicles: tanks, tractors, self-propelled artillery installations and mortars, engineering vehicles for various purposes.

Massive disk tires are distinguished by their ability to withstand the highest loads.


In their design, metal disks are used to strengthen and stiffen them, and a rubber array is used directly as an elastic element that absorbs vibrations.

Dimensions of massive tires manufactured by Uralshina LLC

180х60, 180х60Р, 200х136, 200х136Р, 225х125, 225х125Р, 400х70, 400х70Р, 470х140, 470х95

500х60, 500х60Р, 560х110, 600х160, 600х140, 600х140Р, 600х80, 630х170 В-3, 630х160, 630х146

670х170, 670х170Р, 670х140, 670х140Р, 670х170, 670х170Р, 670х140, 670х140Р, 700х190, 700х120, 700х85, 700х85Р, 750х190У, 750х190

Design and features of manufacturing of massive tires for BTT

The plant has mastered the serial production of support rollers, including the manufacture of metal fittings, massive tires and the assembly of the roller.


The disk of a massive tire

The disk of the support roller is made of aluminum-based alloys, which provide strength and reduce the weight of the product.

The processing of the landing surface for the rib, the production of bolt holes and the landing hole of the roller hub occurs from a single installation on a high-speed CNC machining center, which ensures the maximum degree of alignment of the mating surfaces of the finished product.

The high precision of the manufacture of disks allows for high-quality balancing of the roller assembly. This significantly reduces the wear of the bearings of the hubs and hinges of the suspension parts of armored vehicles

The quality management system of Uralshina LLC ensures strict control at every stage of production. All parts, from the workpiece to the finished disc, are tracked using special markings. After the final verification and approval of the OTC, the disk is sent for rubberization, and its electronic passport is stored at the enterprise for ten years


Compactor flange

During the movement of the equipment, the steel ridge of the caterpillar interacts with the support roller. To place the track crest between the wheels of the rollers, an opening is formed by the end surfaces of the disks. Since aluminum alloys are significantly inferior to steel in terms of wear resistance, to prevent wear of the end surfaces, high-hardness steel ribs are installed on the disks in the opening area, which significantly reduce wear processes and maintain stable dimensions of the opening under the ridge. The presence of a rib ensures the required stability of the caterpillar during the movement of the machine.

The blank for the flange is a rolling ring made of high-strength steel with a high hardness limit, which ensures the wear resistance of the product. The workpiece is processed at a carousel machining center with a CNC system using a technology that allows manufacturing, depending on the BTT model, up to six edges in one installation

The use of this technology became possible thanks to the use of specialized equipment designed and manufactured by specialists of Uralshina LLC. The technology provides high accuracy of the geometric parameters of the parts, minimizing the manufacturing time and reducing the amount of mechanical processing waste as much as possible.

After the stages of automated and locksmith processing, the flanges undergo quality control for compliance with geometric parameters, as well as hardness indicators, with the requirements of design documentation.


The final stage of the flange manufacturing process is chemical surface treatment, which ensures the corrosion resistance of the product.