Limited Liability Company “Ural Tire Plant” (LLC “Uralshina”) was established in 2004 on the basis of the Ural Tire Plan functioning since 1943.

LLC «Uralshina» produces massive tires for all models of armored vehicles, as well as the entire range of massive tires for lift-and-carry machinery and scrap handlers, rubberizing rims, rollers and construction units of any complexity, Fenders and tire-type pneumatic clutch. These are cured-on solid tires, press-on solid tires, bandageless solid tires, tires for port roll trailers and “super elastic” tires.

Today LLC “Uralshina” is the only Russian producer of “super elastic” tires for all types of fork-lift trucks with the load capacity of 3 tons. The production technology is the company’s own invention and has a number of patents.

The Ural Tire Plant mastered the production of tire-type pneumatic clutch for the drilling system. LLC “Uralshina” started manufacturing tire-type pneumatic balloons for the Navy in 2010.

The quality management system is applied by LLC “Uralshina” today for compliance with following standards: GOST РВ0015-002-2012, certification center of quality system “RUSSIAN REGISTER”.

The use of measurable product quality indicators at all stages of the production cycle and the use of statistical control methods resulted in high-quality performance index.

The Diversification Program implemented in 2013 allowed to master serial production of solid tires for armored force vehicles on the metal fittings. The products are manufactured by company’s own effort with the help of high-precision metal-processing centers with CNC.

Tires produced by LLC “Uralshina” have no complaints about the quality of solid rubber application and mechanical processing of products. This is confirmed by qualified and periodic tests on the basis of which LLC “Uralshina” is a supplier of solid tires with mechanical disk and flange treatment cycle.

The best quality confirmation of the products – positive feedback from customers. The sales geography is of Uralshina products is the whole country from Kaliningrad to Chita.

We highly appreciate Traditions of the Ural Tire Plant. We control and guarantee the Quality of our products and invite you to Partnership!

Our History

The Ural Tire Plant was established in 1943, in the fervor of the war. This is the very place where the manufacturing of legendary tires for the needs of front line started — “one and a half” ZIS-5 and solid tires of the famous tank T-34.

70th is the Golden Prosperity period for the Company. The Plant becomes the biggest manufacturer of solid tires for armored force vehicles and it is announced to be the Principal Plant of the solid tire manufacturing field. Here, in the special engineering department were designed and implemented solid tires for the tanks Т-72, Т-80 and Т-90.

During the times of development The Ural Tire Plant gained the reputation of a reliable partner, who manufactures high quality products within the specified deadlines. Оne of the  important event of 2015 year is mastering and start of production the massive tires  for the tank Т- 14 “Armata”.

The quality management system is applied by LLC “Uralshina” today for compliance with following standards:  GOST РВ0015-002-2012 , certification center of quality system “RUSSIAN REGISTER”.

In 2015 LLC Uralshina establishes a branch in the city of Orenburg. The technology and plants for production of ship shock absorbers and pneumatic rubber fenders were bought out from the Orenburg Plant of Technical Products (JSC “OzTI). The quality management system and statistical methods of control are integrated. Now we are one unity.

Management of the Enterprise is always ready to cooperate. Experience, professionalism and creativity of every employees is a guarantee of quality, reliability and high technical level of the products under the trademark “Uralshina”.